Scouting began in the village of Brewood, South Staffordshire, in 1931 and operated, intermittently, in various forms in the village until the 2nd Brewood Scout Group started in 1961.

This website is operated by the Brewood Scouts Fundraisers (“BSF”). We are the fundraising committee of the 2nd Brewood Scout Group and are actively raising money to save its Scout Headquarters and thereby keep Scouting in Brewood and surrounding areas for the benefit of its children. Please follow the link to our About Us page.

On this website you will be able to find details on all the fundraising activities that the Brewood Scouts Fundraisers undertake as well as being able to make a donation, if you would like to.

We hope that you will find this website useful and please bookmark us and refer back to us regularly to see what events or fundraising activities we are organising and how you can take part.

If you would like details on the 2nd Brewood Scout Group and all its activities then please go to